Our mission is to foster a patient-centered practice where we help our patients keep their all of their teeth all of their lives- in health, comfort, function, and aesthetics. This is a commitment we make as an office to our patients; one we re-evaluate continually, and one that evolves as we do professionally.

Vision & Passion

Our strongest vision is to foster a practice that is patient-centered, where the relationships built between the staff and our patients follow a collaborative model. It’s about discovering, together.

We are passionate about focusing on your health, and how to get your oral care to that place if it is not yet there. Hand in hand with your other health care professionals, we customize an oral health care plan to meet your specific needs and goals. Our commitment to excellent dentistry, comfortable treatment, and patient mentorship guides us everyday in our care. In all the ways we can, we want to create a positive impact on personal, local and global levels.

Our days begin with inspiration and positivity, creating a welcome environment in which you can receive outstanding care. In fact, we love coming to our office every day, and hope you will look forward to your visits as well.

Personal, Local, and Global Impact

As a team, we like to take a close look at how our work impacts you, the patient, as well as the larger community around us. Dentistry is not what is was twenty years ago; we have made changes that not only improve the quality of your care, but will hopefully improve the community we live in. Here is a look at a few ways impact those around us in the way we provide care.

Personal impact

Your safety comes first, and through state-of-the-art technology and certain measures, we have your back covered. Our quality assurance program guides us in daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks in compliance with Health Canada and the BC Centre for Disease Control to make your visits safe. As healthcare professionals in B.C., we are regulated under the Health Professions Act, and maintain our licensure through clinical hours and continuing education. You can be assured that you are in good hands.

Through digital radiography and the use of lead aprons, we have reduced your radiation exposure by nearly 80% when an x-ray is needed. As a mercury-free office, we only place tooth-colored restorations. We are also a latex-free office, safely treating all- including high-risk, latex-allergic patients. The use of cutting edge tools like the dental laser have made the sensitive patient at ease, while being minimally invasive. Product research allows us to provide you with the industry’s best wares, in both restorative and preventive settings.

These are naming but a few of the measures we take to make a significant personal impact on you, our patient.

Local impact

It is important to us that our care extends beyond the walls of our office and into our community. We enjoy supporting local, meaningful causes in our community with profits from our office. Various staff members are also involved in volunteering their time, from oral health education in elementary schools to participating in government funded dental clinics.

Global impact

The cost of dental treatment is high when it comes to the waste our industry produces. We are always looking at eco-friendly alternatives and waste-reducing measures to make our impact smaller on a global level. Having converted to a paperless scheduling and charting system, using digital radiographs (no film or lead), and becoming mercury-free are some of the ways we are conserving resources on a global level.