We believe in oral care for the whole family. This includes everyone you care for: infants (including before birth), children, adolescents, adults and the mature adult. As a service to you, we do our best to schedule your family members in a way that is flexible and convenient.

You can rest assured knowing every time you enter our office that we will care for your loved ones with the same care we extend to our own families.

Prior to Life

Pregnancy is a natural condition that affects both the mother’s oral health as well as the overall health of the developing child within. Letting us know you are expecting is important as we may delay certain treatment and radiographs. Knowledge of your little one may also accelerate care and allow us to educate you about oral conditions related to your pregnancy.

Infancy to Adolescence

Much transformation in your child’s mouth occurs between infancy and adolescence. In accordance with the Canadian Dental Association, we recommend parents to bring their child within 6 months of the arrival of the first tooth, or by the age of one. Before your child’s first visit, we encourage you to positively engage them into anticipating their first “ride” in the chair. Throughout childhood, we strongly promote regular visits to guide your child into forming and keeping healthy oral habits. Since the teeth your child can potentially have all of his life will be present by the teen years, we want to give you the tools to help care for your child’s mouth as it undergoes many changes until late adolescence.


The majority of our patient base consists of both the young and mature adult. Treatment is designed around your specific needs, lifestyle and habits, present health and future health plans. We believe you hold the keys to your own wellness; our aim is to guide you in achieving your oral health goals. Our team is also prepared to care for those with specific needs: wheelchair access, adjustable chairs for all heights, gentle care for the anxious patient, latex allergies, disabilities and other health concerns.