QWhen did you join the team?
AIn June 2010.

QCould you share some key elements that you love about your job?
AI am impressed by the way the staff work together in a friendly manner, while still maintaining a professional practice.

QWhat inspired and drew you to dentistry?
AAfter considering many different professional and educational options, a conversation with my dental hygienist inspired me too pursue a career in the field of dental care.

QWhat do you enjoy about the team?
AI enjoy the inclusive and supportive relationships that I have developed with the team, which helps us provide a caring environment for our patients.

QWhat gets you up in the morning to go to work?
AI am lucky enough to have a job where I enjoy both my occupation and the team I work with, so I find most mornings I wake up without the assistance of my alarm clock.

QIn what ways do you bring wellness to your patient?
ABy being focused, thorough, and conscientious when assisting the dentist in providing oral care to our patients.

QHow do your strengths fit in the greater picture of the team?
AI feel my personality delivers a kind, caring atmosphere that puts patients at ease.

QHow do you achieve wellness in your own life?
AI try to maintain my physical wellness by eating a healthy diet and staying active by participating in sports I love. The comfort and support I get from spending time with my family and friends rounds out my overall well being.

QWhat are some activities you enjoy outside of work?
AI love playing on the baseball team I recently joined with my good friend, and spending time with family watching the Canucks or our favorite TV shows together.