QWhen did you join the team?
A   In December 2012.

Q  Could you share some key elements that you love about your job?
A   I love the atmosphere of the office. One might be surprised but there is always laughter in this dentist office!

Q  What inspired and drew you to dentistry?
A   The challenge of learning something completely new, something that is so important not only for my oral health but also for my overall health.

Q  What do you enjoy about the team?
A   I think I am pretty lucky that I get to work with 3 amazing individuals. It’s a very comfortable and inviting place to work where everyone gets along professionally and socially.

Q  What gets you up in the morning to go to work?
A  Winter’s are hard…very very hard at 5:30am lol. But summer’s are amazing… the alarm of birds chirping and breathtaking sunrise overlooking the North Shore mountains on my way to work every morning as I drive over the bridge is something I NEVER take for granted because I get to see it everyday!

Q  In what ways do you bring wellness to your patient?
A  I am usually the first and last person they see so I always try to make them feel comfortable. I try to be accommodating with patients and work around there schedule as I know we all have busy lives and we are just trying to juggle it all.

Q  How do your strengths fit in the greater picture of the team?
A   I’m able to adapt to new and changing circumstances

Q  How do you achieve wellness in your life?
A  I try not to sweat the small stuff. It’s all about finding a healthy balance of work, fitness, and socializing. Life is too short so I surround myself with the finest of friends and wine ; )

Q  What are some activities you enjoy outside of work?
A   I love interior design!!! I like to paint, cook, hike, ski, travel but most importantly spending time with friends and family.