QWhen did you join the team?
AIn March 2008.

QCould you share some key elements that you love about your job?
ASeeing the positive change and the improvement of each individual’s oral health at every visit.

QWhat inspired and drew you to dentistry?
AI started as a dental receptionist when I was 18 for my actual dentist. We had a great hygienist who inspired me to want to be a part of that field.

QWhat do you enjoy about the team?
AWe all work great together. We get along in our work environment and outside of work. We have a great time socially and professionally.

QWhat gets you up in the morning to go to work?
AAt 5 a.m., the alarm clock is what gets me up in the morning!

QIn what ways do you bring wellness to your patient?
ABy encouraging and helping them to improve their oral health. I am interested in each patient- not just their oral health, but them as individuals.

QHow do your strengths fit in the greater picture of the team?
AI’m able to support and help my team members.

QHow do you achieve wellness in your life?
AI strive for balance: time with myself, with my friends and with my family. I try to have everything in moderation.

QWhat are some activities you enjoy outside of work?
AAny activity that involves socializing with friends and spending time with family.